The Holy Land – Israel, Palestine, the West Bank, Jordan – and the nearby destinations such as Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Rome, are often the most profound and meaningful traveling you will ever do. The deep religious history and heritage of the land, the places made holy by the events of the Bible and by the life of Christ, the Apostles, and the early Church make it absolutely essential that you experience it through both knowledgeable and faithful eyes.

The Holy Land means many things to many people. It is the Biblical homeland for the Jewish people. The city of Jerusalem and the Haram El-Sharif are the third holiest place in the world for Muslims. It is the homeland of the Palestinian people. For Christian travelers, a tour of the Holy Land includes all these emphases, but it must be first and foremost a spiritual pilgrimage, which visits the places made holy by Biblical and Church history in faith and devotion. And it must be enjoyable, fun, and well paced.

United Travel offers to your group this perspective on Holy Land and Middle-Eastern travel. For over 50 years, we have brought Christian tour groups to this land with a sensitivity to the religious goals they have. Our itineraries remain comprehensive and include all religious, historical and archaeological dimensions expected.

Accordingly, our resource list for speakers and lecturers was enlarged to meet the interests of each group, especially those whose programs were designed for a specific purpose. Even the number of only-women clergy groups have increased, with itineraries designed for in-depth specific New Testament topics.